Fisher Dynamics Award 2016 for Waelzholz New Material (Taicang) Co., Ltd.

In March 2017, Fisher Dynamics invited its suppliers to a two-day event in Hangzhou City to grant a total of eight awards for the year 2016 in the categories "Best Supplier", "Cooperator Carrier" and "Improvement Maker".

Representing Waelzholz New Material (Taicang) Co., Ltd, Commercial General Manager Georgio Alexopoulus and Dr. Yu Tao, responsible for materials technology, accepted the award for "Best Supplier". As a supplier of alloyed and micro-alloyed steel strip, WNM was awarded in the category "Production Material Stamping", the award being presented by managing director Mark Quadt.

Fisher Dynamics is a subsidiary of the family-owned business Fisher & Company.

With 200 employees and a turnover of USD 100 million for 2016, Fisher Dynamics is the leading supplier of seating mechanisms for the automotive industry in North America, Mexico, Germany, India, China and Japan.