Geschäftsführung Waelzholz: Dr. Matthias Gierse, Dr.-Ing. Hans-Toni Junius, Dr. Heino Buddenberg (v. l. n. r.)

An international family business with the character of a medium-sized enterprise


Despite its ongoing internationalization, Waelzholz has remained a company with a family atmosphere of a medium-sized enterprise. This can be seen in the company's financial independence, in its long-term future-oriented company planning and in its short decision paths. The company is managed by Dr. -Ing. Hans-Toni Junius, descendant of company founder, Caspar Diederich Wälzholz, Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Bierstedt, Dr.-Ing. Heino Buddenberg and Dr. Matthias Gierse.



Dr.-Ing. Hans-Toni Junius (center)
CEO and shareholder; with the company since 1990

Holger Bierstedt, MBA (image to be added later)
CFO; with the company since 2006

Dr.-Ing. Heino Buddenberg (right)
CTO; with the company since 2005

Dr. Matthias Gierse (left)
Managing Director; with the company since 2011