Wind power generators with blades made from high-quality low-emission martensite grades

Low-emission steel materials without compromising product quality

Our high-quality material solutions’ mechanical and technological properties play a decisive role in the further processing and quality of our customers’ finished products. Thanks to our carbon accounting model, we can offer scalable emissions savings tailored to each product – without affecting the material properties.

By allocating actual carbon savings to customers on the basis of an accounting system, we offer real emissions savings within the value chain for our entire product range. The accounting system has been certified by DNV. The degree of savings is scalable and is indicated on our mill certificates. Due to the limited availability of low-emission raw materials, an individual agreement is required.

  • Allocation of product-specific carbon savings in relation to the baseline fiscal year of 2018/2019
  • Carbon savings allocated to an account
  • Carbon savings verified by an external auditor  
  • Verified carbon savings are available for the reduction of product-specific carbon footprints in customer orders on the basis of the accounting system
  • Allocation to customer products by means of unique product declarations

Benefits for our customers by decoupling emissions reduction from the material-specific production process

  • Real emissions reduction decoupled from the product
  • Maximum quality in terms of the required properties, such as formability, tensile strength, surfaces, magnetic properties
  • Established production processes and steel grade concepts remain unchanged
  • No additional approval processes
  • Emissions reduction can be scaled flexibly depending on the availability of the required raw material

Steel materials with a reduced carbon footprint

In addition to the technological basis for the transformation of a wide range of applications, we also offer verified, product-specific carbon footprints and real emissions reductions with our materials. Find out more in the adjacent brochure.

Brochure in PDF format

Decarbonization Reducing the carbon footprint of steel strip

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Hot rolled steel strip production Reducing carbon emissions with hydrogen

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Steel strip production Carbon savings without any compromises

Thanks to our verified accounting model, we can offer our customers real carbon savings for every product we supply. Without any compromises when it comes to material properties. / more