Customized steel strip solutions thanks to innovative engineering

Steel strip expertise for the future

Today our customers are already working toward the future. Just take the automobile as an example: The development of electromobility is rapidly advancing. Our engineering requirements are intrinsically linked to these developments. We must always be in the position to provide ideal steel strip products for future automobile components. Electric motors are continuously improving in terms of performance. Let's stay with the example of the automobile: even engine-management requirements in combustion engines are becoming more stringent, and automobile components such as seats are becoming lighter and lighter – and that coupled with ever increasing stability requirements.

Process know-how pays off

Expertise in cold rolled steel strip translates directly into process know-how. Generally, only a specialized process can result in a specific and well-engineered product. This is why we place an emphasis on the continued development of our production line technology. We consistently implement innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to ensure that with every order our customers receive the cold rolled steel strip that perfectly supports the efficiency of their specific product. What is your next project?

Materials technology Customized cold rolled steel strip

Our materials experts accompany you every step of the way during product development. / more 

Process development Continuous innovation

Process development is a systematic activity at Waelzholz. Our ongoing innovation translates into added value for our customers. / more 

Development partnerships Increase potential from the start

There is still plenty of flexibility when a customer project is in its initial development phases. This is the best time to get in touch with Waelzholz experts. / more 

Technology High-precision cold rolled steel strip production

We produce materials with individually tailored characteristics. Our cutting-edge precision roll stands provide the required forming capability. / more 

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