Materials for automotive applications

Retainer profiles

Customized profiles

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Fine blanking with smooth edges

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Retractor springs

SORBITEX® textured steel strip

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Locking springs

Bainitically hardened and tempered PT-strip

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Locking discs

Stainless precision steel strip

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Clutch plates

Micro-alloyed fine-grain steel

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Wiper blades

Flat wire with uniform bending properties

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Bucket tappets

Phosphate-coated steel strip with lubrication system

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Hose clamps

Stainless precision steel strip

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Guide sleeve

Non-earing DC grades

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Timing chains

Highly resilient flat wire

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When flexibility becomes a real advantage Ideas to face the automotive revolution

Due to political guidelines, consumer expectations, and new competitors in the mobility space, the automotive industry is currently facing unprecedented challenges. As a supplier of steel materials, we help our automotive customers meet these challenges with innovative solutions in fields such as electrification and lightweight construction. Significant changes in market conditions can occur at any time, even during a vehicle’s development cycle. Which means it’s good when flexibility gives you the freedom to make rapid changes. With our material solutions, we work hand-in-hand with our customers toward achieving this singular goal. Regardless of whether the focus is on high-strength concepts, functional surfaces, or magnetic properties – we create customized steel materials. With our individual logistics models, we also guarantee flexibility and rapid response times – resulting in a real competitive edge for our customers. 

Material of the future: reduced to maximum performance Materials for energy applications

A key aspect of the energy revolution are suitable material concepts that can be used to produce compact, powerful generators or heavy-duty clutch plates for wind turbines, for example. / more 

Top performance for the world of industrial products Materials for industrial applications

Whether with uniform spring force, high wear resistance, extreme fatigue strength, or numerous other properties, our materials ensure that industrial applications remain efficient and reliable. / more