The first German cold rolling mill in Taicang

High-performance steel strip for the Asian market

In Taicang, approximately 60 km north of Shanghai, Waelzholz has operated the first German cold rolling mill in China since the start of 2014. This production site arose from the Service Center Waelzholz New Material Co., Ltd., which has served the Asian market with steel strip products since 2007 as a full Waelzholz subsidiary. This cold rolling mill is equipped with state-of-the-art production machines on a production area spanning 10,000 m2 (107,639 sq ft): Run by 160 employees, who provide the Asian market with up to 70,000 metric tons of premium steel material every year, the facility features a high-performance 4-high rolling mill, four high convection annealing furnaces and a slitting and cut-to-length line.

The entire value-added chain is contained locally through the processing of initial material from local suppliers. Combined with customer-oriented logistics services, this local supply chain enables high flexibility and short delivery times for customers in China and Asia. The performance characteristics of the steel materials are customized to customer’s needs through a fine-tuned balance between the chemical analysis of the hot-rolled strip and the subsequent rolling and annealing processes. During this process, the team in Taicang has access to the technical know-how of the entire Waelzholz Group.

In addition to the cold rolling mill, this location also houses Taicang Waelzholz – Kern-Liebers New Material Co., Ltd., a joint-venture between our long-standing customer and partner Hugo Kern and Liebers GmbH & Co. KG and C.D. Wälzholz KG. This subsidiary focuses on the production of texture-rolled steel strip.

Product portfolio and machine park Four roll stands on site

The Taicang production site manufactures a comprehensive range of steel strip grades on roll stands of different sizes ranging all the way to a cluster mill roll stand. / more 

Quality assurance and test technology Reliable quality processes

Comprehensive quality checks with reliable test processes and the associated test technology ensure the well-known Waelzholz quality standard. / more 

The management team at the Taicang site (China)