Materials for energy applications

Clutch plates

Martensite grades with high tensile strength

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Stator laminations

HP- and CDW-PERM® grades

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Bicycle chains

Steel for hardening and tempering with excellent formability

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Undisturbed magnetic flux thanks to bonding varnish

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Maximum performance for the energy supply The materials of the future for the industries of the future

The energy revolution is having a massive impact on the field of energy generation. Climate change and volatile energy prices are creating a highly dynamic market for renewable energy concepts. The energy supply is becoming more fragmented and decentralized – increasing the demand for efficient transformers and high-performance generators. These, in turn, require electrical steel strip with low core losses, high flux density, or permeability. Our expertise lies in supplying electrical steel strip with magnetic properties precisely tailored to the respective application. Outstanding reliability is an important aspect in this context – after all, transformers or generators normally run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our high-quality materials with consistently defined properties across numerous production batches play a key role in guaranteeing a reliable energy supply.

When flexibility becomes a real advantage Materials for automotive applications

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Top performance for the world of industrial products Materials for industrial applications

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