Specialized in stainless precision steel strip

Customized service for the Italian market

The product range of the service center in Senago (Milan), Italy, includes a wide selection of cold rolled steel strip grades from Waelzholz. In this context, Waelzholz Italia is particularly specialized in the delivery of stainless precision steel strip. This material is characterized by its excellent formability and outstanding resistance to heat, acid, and corrosion, among other properties.

On site the steel strip is cut to the final width required by the customer and then processed into pancake coils or oscillate wound coils. The benefit of oscillate wound strip is that the customer can process it for a longer period of time without needing to replace the coil. The edges of the strip can also be machined, if required. Rapid response times and small delivery batches round out Waelzholz Italia’s range of services.

The management team at the Milan site (Italy)