Time savings when bonding electrical steel strip lamination stacks for cost-effective manufacturing operations

Fast-bonding varnish

Waelzholz’s proven bonding varnish is also available in a fast-bonding version. This fast-bonding varnish significantly shortens the curing reaction when bonding electrical steel strip lamination stacks – curing can be reduced from 1.5 hours to mere minutes, depending on the customer’s process and the component’s size. In addition to the tremendous time savings, the use of the advanced bonding varnish is particularly cost-effective for the customer because it can be processed in a single production step together with stamping and under virtually constant process conditions.

Time savings in the bonding process thanks to fast-bonding varnish

Compared to standard bonding varnish, the new fast-bonding varnish speeds up the lamination stack bonding process from 1.5 hours to just a few minutes.

Fast-bonding varnish in the manufacturing process of electrical steel strip lamination stack Graphics

Electrical steel strip lamination stack manufacturing process

Stamping and bonding process of lamination stacks made of electrical steel strip coated with fast-bonding varnish.

Coating systems fast-bonding varnish

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