Waelzholz and thyssenkrupp take important step towards green steel production | Sustainability

Waelzholz received its first delivery of coils with reduced carbon emissions from thyssenkrupp Hohenlimburg. / more

Low-emission steel strip: Waelzholz signs agreement with Tata Steel Nederland | Sustainability

Tata Steel Nederland and Waelzholz have signed an agreement for the supply of low-emission hot-rolled steel strip. / more

Efficient fine blanking instead of machining | Steel materials

Machining from a solid blank remains the standard manufacturing process for a number of components today. For products up to 12.5 millimeters (0.492 inch) thick, Waelzholz enables efficient fine blanking with thick cold rolled steel strip grades. / more

Logistics innovation with digital driver check-in terminal | Corporate & markets

Truck drivers are now welcomed at Waelzholz in Hagen, Germany, in 13 languages and with a logical, step-by-step check-in process – the new, digital driver check-in terminal makes truck dispatching operations much more efficient. / more

Steel strip for bi-metal hole saws and band saws | Industries & applications

When it comes to manufacturing bi-metal saws, our backing strip combines a wide range of properties with high repeat accuracy: excellent weldability, perfect straightness, precise edges, and high tensile strength combined with ductility. / more

Waelzholz now sourcing low-carbon emission wire rods from ArcelorMittal | Sustainability

Waelzholz has received its first shipment of low-carbon emission wire rods from ArcelorMittal, and in doing so has expanded its range of climate-friendly wire rod products – for an optimized carbon footprint along the entire value chain. / more

Hardened and tempered steel strip for clutch plates in wind turbines | Sustainability

When it comes to renewable power generation using modern wind turbines, special clutch plates made of martensitic hardened and tempered steel strip from Waelzholz ensure that operation remains efficient and failure-free. / more

Waelzholz increasingly relying on low-emission steel from thyssenkrupp in the future | Sustainability

In the future, Waelzholz will increasingly rely on bluemint® Steel, the climate-friendly hot rolled steel strip from our long-time supplier thyssenkrupp. / more

The Waelzholz podcast: High-performance steel materials for a sustainable economy | Sustainability

Waelzholz steel materials boost the energy efficiency and durability of home appliances. In our third podcast episode, you learn more about the role played by electrical steel strip in a sustainable economy. / more

The Waelzholz podcast: Reducing the carbon footprint of crude steel production | Sustainability

A large part of steel materials’ product carbon footprint is generated during the production of crude steel. In the latest episode of our podcast, you’ll learn how significant reductions in carbon emissions can already be achieved in this process today. / more

The Waelzholz podcast: Cutting carbon emissions in the steel value chain | Sustainability

Our podcast on sustainability highlights the opportunities to cut carbon emissions in the complex steel value chain. / more

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