The Waelzholz podcast: Reducing the carbon footprint of crude steel production | Sustainability

A large part of steel materials’ product carbon footprint is generated during the production of crude steel. In the latest episode of our podcast, you’ll learn how significant reductions in carbon emissions can already be achieved in this process today. / more

The Waelzholz podcast: Cutting carbon emissions in the steel value chain | Sustainability

Our podcast on sustainability highlights the opportunities to cut carbon emissions in the complex steel value chain. / more

Low carbon emissions steel strip: Salzgitter AG and Waelzholz sign partnering agreement | Corporate & markets

A partnering agreement regarding the joint further development and supplying of low-carbon steel strip has been concluded between Waelzholz and Salzgitter. / more

When passion meets opportunity: a mechanical engineer’s path to success at Waelzholz | Careers

By systematically fostering junior staff, Waelzholz is creating outstanding career opportunities – mechanical engineer Karoline Piotrowski’s success story is a prime example. / more

Stainless precision steel strip for optical fibers in submarine cables | Steel materials

In order to manufacture robust shielding tubes for optical fibers used in submarine cables, precise welding processes are required for the very thin materials. For this purpose, we offer stainless precision steel strip with the ideal properties. / more

High-performance electrical steel strip with outstanding magnetizability for large magnets used in medical radiation equipment | Steel materials

Waelzholz offers electrical steel strip with the perfect properties for large magnets used in medical radiation equipment. In addition to a high level of magnetic polarization, the bonding varnish coating guarantees that the individual steel plates are joined together efficiently. / more

Stainless precision steel strip with outstanding welding and forming properties for the manufacture of medical cannulas | Steel materials

Waelzholz’s stainless precision steel strip is ideally suited for manufacturing high-quality medical cannulas. This is because it combines exact flatness with extremely uniform cutting edges, thereby enabling an optimum welding process. / more

New rolling mill brought into service at Taicang location in innovative remote process | Corporate & markets

After successfully completing construction of the new production hall and equipment at Waelzholz New Material, bringing the new machinery into service faced special challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. / more

Fast-bonding varnish: accelerating the electrical steel strip plate stamping and bonding process | Steel materials

The new fast-bonding varnish accelerates the process of bonding electrical steel strip plates into lamination stacks from 1.5 hours to just a few minutes thanks to an extremely fast curing reaction / more

High-speed hardening and tempering: flat wire and profiles with homogeneous microstructures and residue-free surfaces | Engineering

Waelzholz produces extremely homogeneous flat wire products and profiles made of wire with excellent bending uniformity by means of high-speed hardening and tempering. / more

Transition to the next generation taking place on the Waelzholz Executive Board | Corporate & markets

On July 1, 2021, Henrik Caspar Junius joined the Waelzholz Group’s Executive Board, heralding an upcoming transition from one generation to the next. / more

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