Steel strip coils in Tempracciaio service center, Italy
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Waelzholz acquires the Tempracciaio S.r.l. service center in Milan

On June 28, 2024, the Waelzholz Group acquired Tempracciaio S.r.l., headquartered in Milan, Italy. Founded in 1959, the cold rolled steel strip service center with a production output of roughly 3,000 tons per year has excellent access to the Italian market and strengthens Waelzholz’s position in this important sales region.

Effective June 28, 2024, the Waelzholz Group acquired the Italian company Tempracciaio S.r.l., based in Milan. The service center, which specializes in non-tempered and hardened and tempered steel strip, primarily supplies customers from the automotive and industrial applications segments. “Tempracciaio is an excellent addition to our portfolio in several respects,” says Dr. Heino Buddenberg, CEO of the Waelzholz Group. “Its range of products and services round out and strengthen our market position in Italy. Furthermore, we share the same strong commitment to quality and a clear customer focus.”

Lasting benefits thanks to concentrated expertise

Waelzholz already operates a location in Italy in the form of Waelzholz Italia S.r.l.. The service center, which is also based in Milan, primarily supplies local customers with stainless precision steel strip. Combining Tempracciaio's wide range of cold rolled steel strip products with the stainless steel portfolio of the existing Waelzholz site is an advantageous fusion of expertise in the Italian market. As Dr. Buddenberg explains: “Over the medium term, we plan to merge the two service centers at Tempracciaio’s current location and continue to expand our operations there. Our customers from both business segments will benefit from the combined expertise and greater flexibility. In this context, the Tempracciaio site also offers us outstanding potential for future development steps.” By acquiring Tempracciaio S.r.l., Waelzholz is unlocking new sales opportunities and creating added value for its customers.

Group picture of the Contract signing with the people in charge from Waelzholz and Tempracciaio
From left to right: Niccolò Ghizzani, Waelzholz Acquisition Team; Achille Spinelli, Shareholder and seller of Tempracciaio; Elena Cesana, Shareholder and seller of Tempracciaio; Prof. Dario Galdini, Shareholder and seller of Tempracciaio; Luca Spirolazzi, Managing Director of Waelzholz Italia and new Managing Director of Tempracciaio; Martin Grotthaus, In-house lawyer of the Waelzholz Group; Dietrich Kalla, Head of Production Planning and Business Process Development of the Waelzholz Group and new Managing Director of Tempracciaio; Holger Bierstedt, MBA, CFO of the Waelzholz Group.

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