Insulating varnishes: excellent insulation and optimized stampability

Electrical steel strip coatings with a myriad of peoperties

Our wide range of insulating varnishes provides the ideal coating for every electrical steel strip application. A key aspect is the insulation between individual electrical steel strip laminations. We have the perfect insulating varnish for every application – tailored to the grade of electrical steel strip, further processing requirements and final intended purpose. Stampability, corrosion protection and chemical resistance are also improved significantly. We can even adjust weldability and heat resistance according to specific requirements.

Environmentally friendly coating systems to meet any requirement

Just as with our cold rolled steel strip and electrical steel strip products – when it comes to our insulating varnishes, you can choose between one of our standard systems or one tailor made to meet your specific needs. Instead of having a strict division between organic and inorganic varnishes, our main focus of development is a combination of both substances. During research and development we always keep environmental protection at the forefront and only ever use water-soluble coating systems. Our bonding varnish is one of our specially developed variations.

Coating systems

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