High-strength, micro-alloyed fine-grain steel

Excellent formability and resistance to wear as well as impeccable form and shape tolerance

Many modern automobile components require materials which, in addition to complex formability, combine both a high resistance to wear with minimal form and shape tolerances and outstanding dimensional accuracy. Waelzholz high-strength, micro-alloyed fine-grain steels are the first choice when this property combination is required. They are used in applications such as transmission discs and the structural elements of chairs.

Finest-scale monophase microstructure

Automobile component manufacturers are often presented with a dilemma: they need to manufacture components that have a long and reliable service life, an excellent resistance to wear and are easily formable. If parts are heat treated after being formed in order to adjust their properties, form and shape tolerances as well as dimensional accuracy suffer as a result. This dilemma often hinders freedom and flexibility when it comes to design and construction. The solution is high-strength steel strip based on micro-alloyed fine-grain steels. Due to the high-strength of this steel an additional heat treatment after forming is not needed. Our high-strength steel strip has extremely fine-scaled monophase microstructures. This facilitates a good ratio of yield strength to tensile strength of up to Rp/Rm > 95 percent.

Material that is high-strength yet lightweight

We take things one step further with our special RAWAEL® steel strip, which is a high-strength material that meets yet another key requirement in automobile design – significant weight saving. RAWAEL® steel strip impressively combines extreme tensile strength with a high degree of ductility, enabling a weight reduction of up to 50 percent in the end product. This high-strength material is used in applications such as the structural components of automobile seats, which must be capable of absorbing the load of extreme impacts in case of an accident and, as such, play an important role in passenger safety.

Application examples for high strength steel strip

High strength steel strip RAWAEL®

Seat tracks for automotive applications

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Mechanical values for our RAWAEL® high-strength steel strip

Our high-strength RAWAEL® steel strip has a very good tensile strength. This efficiency enables our customers to significantly reduce the weight of individual parts.

Parameter spectrum for our RAWAEL® high-strength steel strip

RAWAEL® high-strength materials from Waelzholz combine extreme tensile strength with a high degree of ductility.

Schematic illustration of coil with dimensions for outer and inner diameter as well as strip width

Coil calculator

Whether for cold rolled steel strip, electrical steel strip, or stainless precision steel strip – use our coil calculator to quickly and easily determine the (specific) coil weight, the outer diameter, or the strip length of your coils.


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