NO grades: Non-grain-oriented electrical steel strip compliant with EN 10303

Electrical steel strip for medium to high frequency applications

Electric motors require high-performance electrical steel strip. It is especially suited to use in electric car engines, which can have an RPM several times higher than industrial electric motors. Our non-grain-oriented electrical steel strip featuring a thin strip thickness (NO grades) provides the best possible foundation for this technology.

Fine-tuned permeability and core losses

Because of their good permeability (penetrability for magnetic fields) and low core losses (conversion of a portion of the energy into heat due to eddy currents), our NO grades are ideal for high-frequency applications. A very low nominal thicknesses starting at 0.1 mm (see the table “Thin electrical steel strip”) also contributes to this purpose. This reduced material strength minimizes the occurrence of eddy currents (see the “Eddy current” infographic) in laminated electrical steel strip stacks, making the material suitable for high-frequency applications. All NO grades can be combined with Backlack , a special bonding varnish, or with traditional insulating varnishes. We also produce NO grades in an HS grade (high-strength) variation, which has especially high yield strength.

Impact of sheet thickness on core loss

Sheet thickness is a decisive factor when it comes to core loss in electrical steel strip. It has a disproportionate impact as frequency increases. The low nominal thickness of the NO grades (starting at 0.1 mm/ 0.004") guarantees minimal performance loss, resulting in significantly higher output at the same energy input.

acc. to EN 10303 Thin electrical steel strip for high and medium frequency ranges

Core loss max.Mechanical propertiesThickness tolerance
[mm]1,0T/400 Hz1,0T/700 Hz
1,0T/1000 Hz
strength [MPa]
strength [MPa]
A 80 [%][mm]
NO101)0.10132539min. 330min. 450min. 12+/- 0.01
NO151)0.15142543min. 330min. 450min. 12+/- 0.02
NO-20-130.20132948min. 420min. 500min. 10+/- 0.02
NO-20-150.20153255min. 330min. 450min. 13+/- 0.02
NO-25-140.25143462min. 420min. 500min. 12+/- 0.02
NO-25-170.25174067min. 330min. 450min. 13+/- 0.02
NO-27-150.27153768min. 420min. 500min. 12+/- 0.02
NO-27-180.27184270min. 330min. 450min. 13+/- 0.02
NO-30-160.30164171min. 420min. 500min. 12+/- 0.02
NO-30-190.30194575min. 330min. 450min. 13+/- 0.02
NO-35-190.35194377min. 420min. 500min. 12+/- 0.02
NO-35-220.35224885min. 330min. 450min. 13+/- 0.02
max. width: 1.000 mm 1) High strength variations available upon request

For the standard grades in accordance with EN 10106, HS variations, such as M270-50A HS, are available upon request.


Thickness tolerances

Nominal thickness[mm]0.20 - 0.300.35
Deviation from nominal thickness[%]

+/- 0.02
+/- 8
+/- 0.03
Thickness deviation over strip width (measurement 30 mm from edge)[mm]+ 0.01+ 0.02
1)Special thicknesses and special tolerances upon request

Width tolerances

Nominal width[mm]≤ 150≥ 150  / ≤ 300 
Deviation from nominal width[mm]+ 0.2+ 0.3
- 0- 0

Steel Sheet tolerances

Deviation from sheet length[%]+ 0.5 / -0 of the nominal value (max. 6 mm)

NO grade delivery types

Pancake Coil
Width[mm]20 - 1,000
Coil weight[kg/mm]max. 20 kg / per mm strip width
Inner diameter[mm]508
Oscillated wound coils
Strip width[mm]7 - 70
Coil weight[kg]max. 3,500
Coil width[mm]250 - 550
Inner diameter[mm]400
Cut-to-length sheets
Width of sheets[mm]500 - 1,000
Length of sheets[mm]500 - 2,500

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