Electrical steel strip with precise magnetic properties

Optimal performance for electromagnetic components

Our electrical steel strip can be found wherever efficient energy generation, transmission or consumption is of utmost importance. This includes generators, transformers, industrial electric motors, electric drives in household appliances and electric car engines.

Precise magnetic properties

Our customers often require individually tailored electrical steel strip for their specific applications. Important properties in this context are, for example, low core losses, high flux density and permeabilities. With our expertise in electrical steel strip we can produce products with magnetic properties that are both tailored to our customers’ needs and are highly efficient. In order to offer the best solutions to match project requirements, we often assist our customers already in the early stages of product development.

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Are you interested in testing the performance of our electrical steel strip for yourself, including the available coating systems? We offer samples of our entire range of materials for initial testing purposes. You can request your own personalized sample by clicking the button on the right and specifying the desired grade, coating type, and layer thickness.

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Electrical steel strip property spectrum

Overview of important electrical steel strip properties such as thermal conductivity, core losses, magnetic polarization and hardness.

Electrical steel strip hysteresis

Representation of hysteresis losses in electrical steel strip dependent on field strength and magnetic polarization.

HS grades Extremely durable and suitable for high revolutions

A high number of revolutions results in a high degree of mechanical stress on electrical steel strip used in electrical drives. Our HS grades are high-strength materials that are ideal for such applications. / more 

CDW-PERM® grades Always dedicated to premium efficiency

The extraordinary permeability of our CDW-PERM® grades ensure optimal magentizability. / more 

Backlack bonding varnish Join materials without damaging them

Our special Waelzholz bonding varnish joins electrical steel strip stacks without the need for welding, stamping or riveting. / more 

Schematic illustration of coil with dimensions for outer and inner diameter as well as strip width

Coil calculator

Whether for cold rolled steel strip, electrical steel strip, or stainless precision steel strip – use our coil calculator to quickly and easily determine the (specific) coil weight, the outer diameter, or the strip length of your coils.


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