Wide range of grades for optimal solutions

Cold rolled steel strip technology for all applications 

Easily formable, high-strength, wear resistant, anisotropic or isotropic, phosphated, precise, magnetizeable ect. – whatever combination of cold rolled steel strip properties you need, we have the right material for your requirements. We have the most comprehensive spectrum of cold rolled steel strip products in the industry complemented by the expertise required to develop customized material variations to match your specific requirements. Tailor-made.

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The Waelzholz range of cold rolled steel strip grades

Discover our comprehensive range of grades – from soft DC-grade steel all the way to high-strength materials.

The Waelzholz range of electrical steel strip grades

Discover the potential of our electrical steel strip grades with their highly-important thermal conductivity, core loss, magnetic polarization and hardness characteristics.

SORBITEX® textured steel strip Up to 3,000 MPa (435 ksi) for high spring tension

SORBITEX® textured steel strip provides very high tensile strength and is ideal for producing power springs and constant-force springs. more 

Flat wire products Minimum tolerances and maximum strip length

The production of flat wire makes long running lengths possible. The rounded edges enable particularly high fatigue strengths under dynamic stress. more 

Phosphate-coated steel strip Complex stamped, bent and formed parts

We surface coat our steel strip with a phosphate layer to reduce tool wear and make complex forming operations possible. more 

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