Wide range of grades for optimal solutions

Cold rolled steel strip technology for all applications 

Easily formable, high-strength, wear-resistant, anisotropic or isotropic, phosphated, precise, magnetizable etc. – whatever combination of cold rolled steel strip properties you need, we have the right material for your requirements. We have the most comprehensive spectrum of cold rolled steel strip products in the industry complemented by the expertise required to develop customized material variations to match your specific requirements. Tailor-made.

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The Waelzholz range of cold rolled steel strip grades

Discover our comprehensive range of grades – from soft DC-grade steel all the way to high-strength materials.

The Waelzholz range of electrical steel strip grades

Discover the potential of our electrical steel strip grades with their highly-important thermal conductivity, core loss, magnetic polarization and hardness characteristics.

The Waelzholz range of stainless steel strip grades

Discover the range of grades of our stainless precision steel strip - for excellent further processing properties and exact reproducibility.

Steel materials engineered for change Sustainable material concepts for the products of the future

As a development partner, Waelzholz offers highly specialized steel materials for cutting-edge and sustainable products in the fields of mobility, energy, and industry. We support our customers from the initial idea to the market-ready innovation and master the challenges of the transformation together. / more

Cold rolled steel strip Classic grades with customized properties

Precisely defined properties make our cold rolled steel strip grades the ideal base product for further processing steps in many areas of application. / more 

Electrical steel strip Tailor-made magnetic properties

The electrical steel strip from Waelzholz can be individually adjusted to create performance factors such as low core losses, high flux densities, and permeabilities. / more 

Stainless precision steel strip High-precision corrosion resistance

Waelzholz precision steel strip is resistant to heat, acid, and corrosion and is therefore suitable for applications with particularly high requirements. / more 

Surface-coated steel strip Coatings for complex forming processes

Surfaces coated with a phosphate layer reduce tool wear and enable excellent formability – even of high-tensile materials.
/ more 

Schematic illustration of coil with dimensions for outer and inner diameter as well as strip width

Coil calculator

Whether for cold rolled steel strip, electrical steel strip, or stainless precision steel strip – use our coil calculator to quickly and easily determine the (specific) coil weight, the outer diameter, or the strip length of your coils.


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