Taking a responsible approach to our employees and society at large

What responsibility do we as a company have towards the people around us and society as a whole? We’re convinced that treating people fairly, both inside and outside our factory gates, is one of the most important foundations for the long-term success of our company. That’s why we take a responsible approach to our employees and society.

At our locations across the globe and outside our factory gates, our company’s success is driven by people. By employees with their ideas and skills. By business partners who place their trust in us. Or by the community around us, from which, for example, the next generation of employees find their way to our company. To us, taking a responsible approach to people and society means acting in a fair, respectful, and values-driven manner, while always complying with applicable laws.

At Waelzholz, people are our top priority. Our corporate culture is characterized by team spirit and shared values. We act in accordance with these values at all times, both internally and externally – both as an organization and also as individual employees in their respective roles. It’s in our DNA.

Sustainability Report 2022/2023

From our sustainability management to the areas of people and society, climate and environment, and responsible corporate governance up to our ESG strategy – find out everything you need to know about sustainability at Waelzholz. 


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Responsibility Responsibility as an employer

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Civic engagement Responsibility beyond the factory gates

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Compliance Code of conduct

Lawful and fair conduct is systematically enshrined in Waelzholz’s strategy. / more 

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Whistleblowing portal

If you would like to report a violation of the law or of our company’s voluntary commitments, please use our whistleblowing portal.

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