Hardened and tempered steel strip with different microstructures

Hardening and tempering to achieve a high tensile strength

When it comes to materials that feature good hardness, homogeneity, elasticity and spring tension, hardened and tempered steel strip from Waelzholz is your go-to product. Martensitic steel stripbainitic steel strip and SORBITEX® textured steel strip feature different microstructures and are suited to a wide range of high-stress applications.

Precisely tailored microstructures

In multiple production steps of cold rolling and heat treatment, which include a specific temperature progression depending on the phase transformations, we produce the martensitic, bainitic or sorbitic microstructures in a material (refer to the graphic below). With our expertise we can achieve the exact properties that our customers desire.

Temperature progression and phase transformation

Precise temperature progression depending on the phase transformations, to produce the martensitic, bainitic or sobritic microstructure.

Martensite Perfect flatness with a high degree of functional hardness

Waelzholz martensitic grades display great hardness with a very homogenous microstructure. This results in very durable end products with tight key property tolerances.
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Bainite Excellent bendability for high component strength

PT-strip (pre-tempered strip) possesses very good spring properties and highly constant mechanical-technological characteristic values, resulting in homogeneous processing and forming properties.
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Sorbite Up to 3,000 MPa (435 ksi) for high spring tension

SORBITEX® textured steel strip provides very high tensile strength and is ideal for producing power springs and constant-force springs. / more 

Schematic illustration of coil with dimensions for outer and inner diameter as well as strip width

Coil calculator

Whether for cold rolled steel strip, electrical steel strip, or stainless precision steel strip – use our coil calculator to quickly and easily determine the (specific) coil weight, the outer diameter, or the strip length of your coils.


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