Building a secure future at Waelzholz

Our materials stand out for their exceptional quality and performance. That is what we aspire to achieve. A mindset of always being at the forefront of outstanding solutions permeates everything we do. And this also applies to career opportunities and the security we offer our employees.

There are many ways that people join our company: as vocational trainees, working part-time as students, as recent college graduates, as experienced professionals, and also as people changing careers. Regardless of how they get their start with us, they all have one thing in common: there’s no limit to their personal and professional development at our company. This means that we offer well-structured training courses, professional development opportunities, and advanced training seminars at a wide variety of levels and on a wide range of subjects, all geared to each individual’s own level of development. Furthermore, offering equal opportunities is one of our top priorities. Providing suitable career prospects for all employees isn’t just something that’s important to us, it’s also the foundation of our success. This is because skills and diversity promote innovation.

Occupational health and safety

Protecting the health and safety of our employees and third parties in our sphere of responsibility is extremely important. Our goal is to completely prevent any and all injuries and adverse health effects. To achieve this goal, we work carefully, strictly comply with all legal requirements, and supplement them with additional internal policies. We regularly conduct risk assessments and take the necessary precautionary measures. Our employees are constantly briefed on occupational health and safety topics.

At our facilities, we reduce physical burdens where they can occur, for example by providing lifting aids or using robotics. We also provide all employees with work clothing and personal protective equipment in areas where it is required. To further promote health protection, we offer various preventive health care measures, depending on the location. These measures range from offering voluntary preventive medical checkups at the company doctor’s office to sponsoring company sports groups. After all, health is the most important asset.

Civic engagement Responsibility beyond the factory gates

Civic engagement is a matter of course for us. With a view to sustainability, we dedicate special attention to supporting children and young people. / more 

Compliance Code of conduct

Lawful and fair conduct is systematically enshrined in Waelzholz’s strategy. / more 

Whistleblowing portal

If you would like to report a violation of the law or of our company’s voluntary commitments, please use our whistleblowing portal.

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