Certified environmental and energy policy

Continuous improvement

The goal of Waelzholz’s environmental and energy policy is to design all company related processes, from purchasing to production to sales, in a way that the environment is affected by the consequences of the activities to the smallest possible extent. The management ensures that the necessary information is made available and that the required resources are provided. Waelzholz is committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements and other binding obligations and implements processes specifically geared toward continuously improving its environmental performance and increasing energy efficiency.


That means in particular:

  • Waelzholz uses energy efficiently. Technically unavoidable emissions are to be reduced.
  • Waelzholz uses raw materials economically. If possible, unavoidable production wastes are entered into the recycling chain and re-used either for materials or energy.
  • Together with our customers, Waelzholz develops materials that have a minimum environmental impact during further processing, and due to their specific characteristics help to reduce the consumption of environmental resources.
  • Waelzholz takes all action necessary to record and reduce the impact to the environment of our company activities. This also applies in the case of a non failure-free operation.
  • Waelzholz pursues an open dialogue with interested stakeholders, authorities and associations on issues related to the environment and energy processes.
  • Waelzholz’s environmental management system is audited by an independent, international certification company on a regular basis.
  • When designing new or overhauling existing production lines, equipment, or processes that have a significant impact on energy consumption or energy efficiency, Waelzholz considers the potential to make improvements in these areas over their expected useful life.
  • Waelzholz expects it suppliers and service providers to have environmental standards in accordance with our environmental policy. Energy efficiency of essential energy-consuming equipment is a decision criterion in procurement procedures.
  • Waelzholz obligates service providers who work on our premises to use energy sparingly and efficiently and to comply with our environmental standards.


Important goals in order to implement our energy policy:

  • Introduction of an energy data acquisition system at all locations
  • 3% reduction in carbon emissions-related energy consumption by nonmanufacturing cost centers at all locations by the end of fiscal year 25/26 in relation to fiscal year 18/19
  • 1% reduction in carbon emissions-related energy consumption by manufacturing cost centers at all locations by the end of fiscal year 25/26 in relation to fiscal year 18/19;  the focus here is on reducing the base consumption of auxiliary equipment
  • Generation of renewable energy

The C.D. Wälzholz GmbH is already certified according to the European standards ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. Waelzholz Brasmetal is already certified according to ISO 14001.


Current certificates for download

In addition to the certificates according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, all the other certificates of the Waelzholz Group are available in our download area.

Certificates for download


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