Materials for industrial applications

Chain links

Fatigue strength with steel for hardening and tempering

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Centrifugal clutch housing

Almost isotropic steel for hardening and tempering

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Nose sprockets

Wear resistance with steel for hardening and tempering

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Retractor springs

High spring tension thanks to SORBITEX®

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High-strength NO grades

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Precisely designed for the specific application Durability and maximum comfort

Our steel materials are used in wide variety of industrial applications, from starter springs to needle bearings to chain link plates to saw blades – and the list goes on and on. Durability plays an important role in all of them – and in many products, like household appliances and garden tools, comfort does as well. Materials designed specifically for each application offer outstanding reliability when it comes to the final product’s desired properties. Relevant factors can include, for example, high speeds of up to 20,000 rpm for powerful food processors, or uniform, directional spring force for retraction systems like those used for vacuum cleaner cables. We satisfy these and other requirements of the necessary material by carefully monitoring production processes and strictly maintaining properties over large delivery quantities and batches.

When flexibility becomes a real advantage Materials for automotive applications

From electrification to lightweight construction to functional surfaces – today’s innovative material solutions create more flexibility for tomorrow’s modern vehicle concepts. / more 

Material of the future: reduced to maximum performance Materials for energy applications

A key aspect of the energy revolution are suitable material concepts that can be used to produce compact, powerful generators or heavy-duty clutch plates for wind turbines, for example. / more