Bainite for dynamic stress

Sophisticated bending

Our bainitic hardened and tempered PT-strip (pre-tempered) has an ideal combination of pre-adjusted component strength, good formability and good bendability. Thanks to this union of opposites it offers optimal spring properties, even for dynamic, highly-stressed parts. It is used, for example, in connecting, fastening and spring clips in mounting applications.  

Waelzholz owns special, high-performance machinery for bainitic hardening and tempering and is specialized in the production of PT-strip. This is how we guarantee absolutely homogeneous processing and forming properties as well as constant mechanical-technological characteristic values. Our customers benefit from the high- reproducibility of their components, as this translates to process stability. The greatest advantage of using PT-strip is the absence of time-consuming and expensive piece hardening. Stamped, bent and formed parts can be manufactured in one single step without any deforming or heat cracks. The result is optimal processing efficiency.

Good Formability despite high strengths

Specifically, the good formability and bendability facilitate a wide range of demanding forming operations such as contours of stamped holes with a collar or dome-shaped drawing, notches and beading.

The differences between longitudinal bending and transverse bending are also minimal thanks to the homogeneous and fine-grained microstructure of the material. Because of this characteristic, our customers profit from maximum reproducibility of their parts and extremely high process reliability.

Sample application

PT 120 with a thickness of 1.7 mm (0.067") and a tensile strength of Rm = 1150 MPa (167 ksi)

Bending radius longitudinal to rolling direction
2  Collaring hole by drawing
Bending radius transversal to rolling direction
4  Notch


You will find the possible bending radii according to material thickness in the following table.

Application examples for Bainite

Bainitically hardened and tempered PT-strip

Locking springs for automotive applications

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Burr is located in inner diameter PT-strip / Minimal bending radii at 90° bending

DIN EN 10132-4 Transversal to RD in mm Longitudinal to RD in mm

Grade and raw material overview / delivery types

For more information on the PT-strip products, please refer to data sheets provided.

Data sheets as PDF-file

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