We feature a wide range of flat wire products

Flat rolled wire with high tensile strength and even bending properties

Waelzholz flat wire products are the first choice when it comes to the production of narrow but resilient products for manufacturing. Such things as zippers or wiper blades, which, despite their small size, are consistently expected to perform. The advantages: With flat wire we are able to produce long running lengths without welded seams, and the edge shapes of our products can be designed as desired.

A wide range of materials from spring steel to case-hardening steel

All of our steel material grades can also be used to manufacture flat rolled wire. We produce narrow steel strip in all materials of the DC grade, spring steel, steels for hardening and tempering and case-hardening steel variations. With this wide selection of variations we can realize extraordinary product features. Using high-speed martensitic hardening and tempering, we can produce an especially smooth, absolutely homogeneous hardened and tempered microstructure, its primary feature being its highly-uniform bendability. In addition, using eddy current technology adapted to our flat wire technology, we ensure the homogeneity of the material properties already during production. No matter what product you manufacture, be it coil spring, jigsaw blade or bushes, rollers or link plates – we have just the product to meet your requirements. Get in touch with us!

Application examples for flat wire products

Flat wire with uniform bending properties

Wiper blades for automotive applications

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Highly resilient flat wire

Timing chains for automotive applications

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Customized edge shape

We offer precision edges for every application imaginable: Be it mill edges, horizontally or vertically rolled, chase-threaded or tailor-made according to our customers’ specifications. The high degree of accuracy we use to produce edges within the narrowest of tolerances saves our customers time-consuming follow-up processing of the edges in their own production process. True added value.

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Schematic illustration of coil with dimensions for outer and inner diameter as well as strip width

Coil calculator

Whether for cold rolled steel strip, electrical steel strip, or stainless precision steel strip – use our coil calculator to quickly and easily determine the (specific) coil weight, the outer diameter, or the strip length of your coils.


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