Protecting the future – by assuming responsibility and operating sustainably

Proactively creating a bright future by thinking ahead is a central aspect of our corporate culture. As a medium-sized company, we always take a long-term view. We are driven by the question of how we can pass on a financially sound and sustainable company to the next generation and make our contribution to a social and ecological environment worth living in. This has shaped our actions for nearly 200 years.

Our key area of expertise lies in developing and manufacturing material solutions that enable our customers to bring their product ideas to life. As a technology company, we focus on modern and innovative solutions that have their origin in the know-how, experience, and ideas of each and every employee of our corporation that operates around the world. Diversity and equal opportunities have always been our strongest assets in this respect.

Assuming responsibility is firmly enshrined in our mindset and business practices, whether this involves our products, our impact on the environment, our charitable activities, or how we interact with one another. We believe that the fundamental aspects of this responsibility include compliance with the law, acting with integrity, and transparency. This is what we stand for.

When it comes to combating climate change, we’re facing some unique challenges that will fundamentally change not just our company, but also our industry. Decarbonization requires that we act decisively together. We embrace this responsibility. As a technology leader, we create solutions on multiple levels. We’re reducing our emissions through sustained investments in our processes and are developing groundbreaking and highly innovative projects together with our suppliers and customers. Above all, however, we have set ourselves the goal of offering our customers unprecedented transparency based on our digital expertise in manufacturing by being one of the first companies in the industry to be able to validate the carbon footprint of every material variation. After all, it is only this transparency that makes it possible to precisely measure reductions in carbon emissions and subsequently to control them in line with customer requirements.

In addition, we develop materials for and with our customers that become enablers of the energy revolution through their use, for example, in renewable power plants, electrified mobility solutions, and industrial applications. Our aspiration is to use our innovative strength to create unique added value – for society, for the environment, for our customers, and for our company with all its employees. That is sustainability as we understand it.

Wind turbine in the countryside cover graphic 2022/2023 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2022/2023

From our sustainability management to the areas of people and society, climate and environment, and responsible corporate governance up to our ESG strategy – find out everything you need to know about sustainability at Waelzholz. 


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Decarbonization Reducing the carbon footprint

Our materials are enablers of transformation in the energy, mobility, and industrial sectors. On the road to a climate-neutral future, we already make it possible to achieve a certified reduction in the carbon footprint of our products today.

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Wind farm with rotor blades made from certified low-emission cold rolled steel strip

Climate & environment Focus on environmental sustainability

We believe that success is always linked to the contribution we make to the future of our planet and society. That is why our activities focus on protecting the environment and combating climate change. / more 

People & society What makes us stand out

Our self-image is based on responsible and fair conduct at all levels within and outside the company. / more 

Technologies Sustainable materials and processes

As a technology leader, we systematically leverage our extensive manufacturing and materials expertise to play an active role in shaping the path to carbon neutrality. / more 

Consulting Carbon avoidance consulting

As experts in cold rolled steel strip technology, we now advise our customers in a new dimension with an eye to the future: carbon avoidance. / more 

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