Carbon avoidance consulting

Achieving carbon neutrality is our ambitious goal. Until hydrogen is used in the steel industry, however, transitional solutions are required to enable our customers to use products with the smallest possible carbon footprint. This is where our materials experts provide support in the form of newly developed consulting services around our steel materials.

With our high technological standards, we’ve always supported our customers in developing a material with customized properties for their specific application. In many cases, our customers involve us in the development process at an early stage in order to maximize the freedom they have in developing their products. Now, in line with our understanding of what it means to be an industry leader, we’ve added a new dimension to these consulting services: carbon avoidance.

This consulting is based on validated, product-specific carbon footprints. In addition, we possess detailed process expertise, including with regard to the stages of processing the steel materials at our customers’ facilities. With this combination of know-how, we’re able to work with customers to select a material that causes the lowest total carbon footprint.

Our carbon avoidance consulting may also reveal that a material alternative we recommend has a larger carbon footprint than the traditionally used grade, but that it allows the customer to achieve lower emissions overall when their own processing steps are taken into account. Examples include hardened and tempered materials, which despite having a higher carbon footprint than non-hardened and tempered products save our customers from implementing energy-intensive piece hardening during further processing.

Carbon avoidance consulting inquiry

If you would like to schedule a carbon avoidance consultation with Waelzholz, you can contact us by email.

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