Steels for hardening and tempering: good formability and high carbon content

The ideal combination for stability

Excellent formability combined with a high carbon content is the trademark of our steels for quenching and tempering. These steels can undergo additional heat treatment by the customer to be hardened and tempered. Steels for hardening and tempering are the base material for the toe caps in safety boots or for the plates for timing chains in automobile engines.

They are also very suitable for fine blanking and ensure extremely smooth and precise stamped surfaces. Our steels for hardening and tempering can also be bonderized  in a subsequent treatment step in order to extend tool life. There are several ways to benefit from the potential of our steels for quenching and tempering.

What do your projects require?

Steels for quenching and tempering – EN 10083, EN 10132-3

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