Martensitic hardened and tempered steel strip: Precision with high functional hardness

Hard and homogeneous

Some applications require a very hard and homogeneous material. Our martensite grades display precisely this combination of precision and load capacity. Martensite grades are used in pruning shears to give them long-lasting edge retention and in spring elements with high fatigue strength.

Optimal flatness

That is our expertise. We use precicely controlled processes to guarantee the best possible martensitic microstructure as well as the tightest possible key material property tolerances. We are able to achieve flatness values transverse to the rolling direction of < 1.5 (1.0) µm/mm (<1.5 (1.0) µin/in) with a very low variance. This has direct impact on many products, such as the steel blades for industrial circular saws. The blades must have a perfectly circular plane of rotation to ensure highly-precise cutting of the workpiece. It is imperative to ensure flatness during the production process because the transformation of martensite causes a change in material volume. Trust in our expertise for your sophisticated products. Already during the production process we can adjust the functional hardness and flatness of the finished product.

Martensite production range

Production range for martensitic hardened and tempered steel strip with regard to tensile strength and material thickness.

Martensite Hardened and tempered steel strip

Steels for quenching and tempering and spring steels Martensite hardening and tempering (+QT)
acc. to EN 10132-3 / -4
Grades Tensile Strength
C45E 1,000 - 1,600
C55S 1,100 - 1,700
C60S 1,150 - 1,750
C67S 1,200 - 1,900
C75S 1,200 - 1,900
C80S 1,200 - 1,900
C85S 1,200 - 2,000
C90S 1,200 - 2,100
C100S 1,200 - 2,100
56Si7 1,200 - 1,700
51CrV4 1,200 - 1,800

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