CDW-PERM® grades: unparalleled magnetizability

Highly-permeable electrical steel strip grades for improved efficiency

Waelzholz CDW-PERM® grades are electrical steel strip grades with a special high magnetic permeability. We also produce significantly higher polarization at the same energy input with our  CDW-PERM® grades in comparison with standard grades. The result is excellent magnetizability in both grade variations as well as a significant increase in thermal conductivity in the CDW-PERM® variation.

Optimal polarization and thermal conductivity for electrical drives

These highly-permeable electrical steel strip grades are ideal for high-performance electrical drives. Due to their high permeability values they enable higher engine torque.`To top it all off, our CDW-PERM® grades have excellent thermal conductivity, which ensures that heat built up during motor operation can easily escape.

Application examples for CDW-PERM® grades

CDW-PERM® grades

Stator laminations for energy applications

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Higher polarization at the same energy input

The higher polarization of our CDW-PERM® grades in comparison with standard grades provides our customers with unparalleled magnetizability and a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

CDW-PERM® grades: the impact of alloy content

In comparison with standard grades, our CDW-PERM® grades have significantly better polarization and thermal conductivity.

Magnetic properties of CDW-PERM® grades

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