Cold rolling and heat treatment: we precisely define steel strip parameters

Cutting-edge technology

Our core competence is the precise adjustment of clear product characteristics through cold rolling and heat treatment. We make it our responsibility to implement material requirements which can at times be opposing qualities, such as easy formability paired with a high degree of hardness, exactly according to customer specifications. We also maintain the smallest of tolerances in the parameters of a single coil – and maintain the exact same parameters in all subsequent orders of the same product. We achieve all of this with our state-of-the-art production lines, precisely controlled processes and the expertise of our professionals.

High-precision rolling

In addition to tandem cold rolling mills, we also use individual stands in vertical roller arrangements of up to 20 high which operate with premium precision. X-ray and isotope ray technology are used for contact-free measurement of the thickness of the steel strip during the rolling process. The measurement data is transmitted along with other parameters directly to the control of the rollers, and the rolling process is adjusted within milliseconds if necessary. For heat treatment we use bell annealing furnaces and continuous feed systems which are specially calibrated for our requirements. It also goes without saying that we are constantly improving and optimizing our production line.

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