Control panel for digitally tracking the reduction in carbon emissions in steel strip production

Digital processes for materials with a reduced carbon footprint

Even though only approximately 10% of our materials’ carbon footprint is caused by our own production processes, as a technology leader we are doing everything we can to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions as much as possible. We are the first company in the cold rolling industry to use an internally developed, validated process to track emissions savings and make them available to our customers.

Reduced carbon emissions through green hydrogen, green power, and full digital interconnectivity

Today, the majority of our production lines are already “H2-ready” – i.e., technologically ready for the use of hydrogen. Once the hydrogen infrastructure has been established and connected to the factory, we will be able to replace almost 100% of the natural gas used today with climate-neutral hydrogen. During the transition period, in addition to specifically integrating with all the partners along the value chain as well as with policymakers, we are driving the following emissions reduction measures forward in a targeted manner:

  • Optimizing the electricity mix (increasing the share from renewable sources)
  • Adapting the energy mix (green power instead of gas)
  • Improving process and energy efficiency (CIP)
  • Systematically establishing ties with suppliers of hot rolled steel strip and energy policy stakeholders

Precise calculation thanks to digital processes with over 1,000 data points

The method we developed to calculate the carbon footprint uses all of the digitally collected energy data and carbon emission factors. It is fully integrated into our ERP system and has been validated by GutCert with regard to its conformity with the relevant international standards ISO 14067 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

  • Carbon emissions of each manufactured item are tracked 
  • Energy data collected at cost center level
  • Allocation of carbon emissions to each cost center
  • Carbon emissions of each item disclosed on the mill certificates

Steel materials with a reduced carbon footprint

In addition to the technological basis for the transformation of a wide range of applications, we also offer verified, product-specific carbon footprints and real emissions reductions with our materials. Find out more in the adjacent brochure.

Brochure in PDF format

Decarbonization Reducing the carbon footprint of steel strip

Our materials are enablers of transformation in the energy, mobility, and industrial sectors. On the road to a climate-neutral future, we already make it possible to achieve a certified reduction in the carbon footprint of our products today. / more 

Hot rolled steel strip production Reducing carbon emissions with hydrogen

Approximately 90% of our steel strip products’ carbon footprint is generated during the production of hot rolled steel strip. This can already be significantly reduced today through the use of hydrogen and new blast furnace technologies. / more 

Low emission steel Carbon savings without any compromises

Thanks to our verified accounting model, we can offer our customers real carbon savings for every product we supply. Without any compromises when it comes to material properties. / more