SORBITEX® textured steel strip for reliable springs

High spring tension

Constant balancer limiting force, smooth and uniform retraction of the vacuum cleaner cord and maximum seat belt reliability: SORBITEX® textured steel strip is ideal for the production of springs that are subjected to particularly high stress.

Maximum tensile strength and a long service life

A key property of SORBITEX® textured steel strip is the material's strong direction-dependent spring tension. It has a tensile strength of up to 3,000 MPa (435 ksi), which gives this type of material an extraordinary load-bearing capacity. With a yield/tensile ratio (Rp0.2/Rm) of >95 percent, SORBITEX® retains its strength, even under constant operation, and has a long a reliable service life. Thanks to its high formability, the material is also suitable for deep-drawing processes. When it comes to to use of SORBITEX® textured steel strip in applications, Waelzholz always develops products with specific requirements in mind. How can we meet your project requirements?

Unique rolling process

After fine-scale pearlitic (sorbitic) hardening and tempering, the SORBITEX® textured steel strip is rolled an additional time with high deforming capacity – a step which is not performed during the manufacturing of bainitic and martensitic mircostructures. Our Sendzimir mills, which are used in this process, are capable of thickness tolerances of 7 µm (276 µin).

Sorbite production range

Production range for sorbitic hardened and tempered steel strip with regard to tensile strength and material thickness.

Application examples for Sorbite

textured steel strip SORBITEX®

Retractor springs for automotive applications

Learn more Further automotive applications

For more information on our SORBITEX® textured steel strip, please refer to the data sheets provided.

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