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We are driving transformation – with steel materials for future applications in mobility, energy, and industry

Today, sustainable material concepts play a key role in the success of cutting-edge products – from high-performance fuel cells and efficient electric motors to high-strength vehicle components

Our interconnected society is increasingly defining global business requirements at high speed and with great complexity. As a result, priorities and risks are being reassessed, needs are changing, and new responsibilities are emerging. It is not uncommon for new, innovative products to be called for in order to make our lives more sustainable in the context of these changes.

When it comes to responding adequately to change, this poses new challenges to many industries’ value chains. In particular, the dynamic change processes in sectors such as the automotive industry and the energy sector, but also in numerous industrial areas of application require intelligent material concepts for groundbreaking products.

For example, efficient electrical steel sheets from Waelzholz are required for high-performance rotor and stator components in electric motors and generators – both for the generation of renewable energy and for the most economical use of electricity possible.

Power generation in the context of hydrogen-based drive concepts also places high demands on innovative steel strip materials. In this case, our stainless precision steel strip serves as the foundation for producing bipolar plates for fuel cell stacks in which electricity is generated by the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.

In the field of automotive engineering, reducing the weight of highly stressed components also plays a key role. For this purpose, Waelzholz offers high-strength, micro-alloyed fine-grain steel grades that are used, for example, in the production of safety-relevant vehicle components such as seat tracks.

Within the framework of targeted development partnerships, we use our comprehensive materials expertise to support you in the development of products that also set standards in terms of sustainability.

As a technology leader for highly specialized steel materials, our aim is to offer customers worldwide customized steel strip solutions that enable them to develop leading-edge, sustainable products and manufacture them at a consistently high level of quality.

In this context we see our role as that of a genuine development partner who can support them with comprehensive engineering and materials expertise in all the necessary steps from the initial idea to the market-ready innovation.

It goes without saying that we take a comprehensive view of all the requirements of the upstream and downstream value creation stages, right through to the end product. We believe that this is the basic requirement in order to master the challenges posed by the transformation.

Thin stainless precision steel strip for high-performance fuel cells

Our stainless high-grade steel is the material of choice for the implementation of complex flow fields as well as compact designs in the manufacture of bipolar plates for hydrogen-based fuel cells. / more 

High-strength steel strip for lightweight seat components

Our high-strength material RAWAEL® offers maximum stability for your vehicle components with weight savings of up to 50 percent. In addition, the material features excellent formability with high dimensional tolerance. / more 

Thin electrical steel strip for high-efficiency electric motors

NO grades from Waelzholz with low core losses and customized coating systems for high-performance rotor and stator components. / more 

Engineered for Change

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of materials for the development of cutting-edge products in the fields of mobility, energy, and for a wide range of industrial applications

  • Thin electrical steel strip according to DIN EN 10303 in thicknesses ranging from 0.10 to 0.35 mm (0.004 to 0.014 in) for rotor and stator components used in high-efficiency electric motors
  • Thin, stainless precision steel strip in thicknesses ranging from 0.05 to 0.20 mm (0.002 to 0.008 in) for bipolar plates used in high-performance fuel cells
  • High-strength, micro-alloyed fine-grain steels with tensile strengths of over 1,000 MPa for lightweight, safety-relevant vehicle components such as seat tracks

Steel materials with a reduced carbon footprint

In addition to the technological basis for the transformation of a wide range of applications, we also offer verified, product-specific carbon footprints and real emissions reductions with our materials. Find out more in the adjacent brochure.

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Successful together – use our materials expertise for your next challenge

We conduct a detailed materials consultation to provide you with comprehensive support in the implementation of your projects, from giving you greater freedom in your design process to optimizing your manufacturing processes and ensuring compliance with the highest standards of quality.

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