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Our group of companies has always been characterized by a true feeling of togetherness. Employees, managers and owners all share the same goals and find solutions as a team.

Our family business Waelzholz was founded more than 190 years ago, and we currently have approximately 1,800 employees in Germany and 2,300 worldwide. We have several young employees, but also employees, who have been with us for over 30 years or those who represent the fourth or fifth family generation to be employed at Waelzholz - another reason to call our company a family business. Our workforce is not only multi-generational, but also international.

The production of perfect quality necessitates professionals with well-founded expertise. We have a high reputation for uncompromising quality; therefore Waelzholz attaches great importance to further training and qualifications, and we support each member of our staff in his/her professional development. We provide financial assistance for technical training, master classes and further education in business administration and offer university study programs combined with an apprenticeship for young people.

We also support employees who wish to complete further education in the form of in-service study programs at technical colleges or diploma courses offered by universities. There has been no shortage of success in this area! Many of our current professionals and managers have been promoted internally to those positions by completing such programs.

With an apprenticeship rate of more than 6 percent, Waelzholz is far above average. We currently offer apprenticeship positions for those who wish to complete training to become industrial clerks, process technicians, cutting machine operators, industrial mechanics, materials testers or electronics technicians.

Waelzholz is characterized by a strong sense of social responsibility. Our employees can rely on secure employment, even in economically unstable periods, and are provided with adequate pension plans.


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