Magnetically soft RFe grades

Our low coercivity steel material for relay manufacturing

Waelzholz’s RFe grades are magnetically soft materials characterized by tight thickness and width tolerances, minimum variation of mechanical properties over the entire length of the steel strip, and extremely uniform magnetic properties after heat treatment of the finished parts. Due to their low magnetic coercivity, they are mainly used in relay manufacturing. The magnetic fields generated by electromagnets in the relays trigger switching operations for the control, switching, and fusing of electronic equipment via the collection and redirection of magnetic field lines. In addition to relays, this material, also known as soft magnetic steel, is traditionally used to manufacture pole pieces, magnet yokes, closing armatures, and magnetic counters. RFe grades offer reliable demagnetization with low energy input.

Waelzholz’s standard range includes grades up to RFe40. The grades with low C content and high purity are supplied in accordance with DIN 17405 in GT (deep-drawable, LC production) and GB (pre-annealed for bend-ing, production with critical deformation) versions, as well as in accordance with DIN EN 10304. Their specific delivery condition is tailored to the individual final annealing process at the customer’s site to ensure that the desired magnetic properties are present at the end of subsequent processing by the customer. Working closely with the customer, we can also supply the material in a finally annealed version.


Delivery range RFe-Grades

Hysteresis loop

Coercivity, denoted HC, is the intensity of a magnetic field required to completely demagnetize a material. Simply put, the lower the value, the better and/or more easily a component or material can be demagnetized.

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