Steel strip solutions to meet new degrees of flexibility

Joint goal-oriented development

Our customers often develop their products together with materials experts here at Waelzholz. The benefits are obvious. With their expertise in cold rolled steel strip, Waelzholz professionals can realize new potential with tailored developments. This affects both the performance features of the steel strip as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of product production. Thanks to these development partnerships, we have come up with many extraordinary solutions which have lent our customers entirely new degrees of flexibility in the design and construction of their products.

Close collaboration with suppliers and colleges

Our professionals are always up to date. They know the processes of our suppliers and agree on optimal pre-production parameters with them. In addition, Waelzholz also works together with various colleges at which we are involved in several special development programs.

Illustration of the behavior of the strip thickness in a forming test with varying limiting conditions.

Using formability to its full potential


One example of these development programs is our collaboration with the Automotive Center Südwestfalen. As a partner in the sponsoring organization, Waelzholz is able to conduct special tests there – including tests of high-strength cold rolled steel strip.

High-strength cold rolled steel strip needs to combine two essential characteristics: lightness and crash-safety. It also needs to be easily formable despite its high strength. However, conventional test methods are often insufficient for fully assessing the material’s formability. This is why Waelzholz conducted tests at Automotive Center Südwestfalen which focused on the formability of high-strength cold rolled steel strip in terms of spring-back, overbending, and isotropy. The goal is to consult customers as well as possible when it comes to their forming procedures.

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