Lawful and fair conduct at Waelzholz

We strictly comply with applicable laws and are committed to the principles of fair business practices. We’ve compiled our guiding principles into a code of conduct that gives us clear guidance on how to recognize risks from misconduct and identify opportunities in terms of areas with the potential for improvement. This is how we have strategically enshrined responsibility for our actions within the company.

Our conduct is characterized by candor and honesty. We actively live our values and convictions and stand up for them even in difficult or unpleasant situations.

Our actions are guided by our fundamental understanding of society as a whole. We observe all applicable legal requirements. When collaborating internationally, we comply with the laws of the countries involved. We strictly reject any and all forms of corruption and bribery. We refrain from improperly exerting influence and don’t allow ourselves to be improperly influenced either.

We do not participate in price fixing or any other agreements that could unfairly distort competition. Our employees are required to know and comply with the requirements of applicable competition and antitrust law.

We are committed to fair competition and very clearly advocate for integrity and compliance with all rules. We view acting lawfully and fairly as a strength that significantly contributes to our success.

We systematically fulfill our obligations to exercise due diligence in accordance with legal requirements and take measures to guard against unlawful payments and funds of questionable origin. This includes, for example, obtaining legally required information about our business partners and continuously updating it over the course of the business relationship.

To protect our know-how and that of our business partners, we always treat information as strictly confidential and handle it in compliance with stringent security measures. We collect, process, and use personal data in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

Wind turbine in the countryside cover graphic 2022/2023 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2022/2023

From our sustainability management to the areas of people and society, climate and environment, and responsible corporate governance up to our ESG strategy – find out everything you need to know about sustainability at Waelzholz. 


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Whistleblowing portal

If you would like to report a violation of the law or of our company’s voluntary commitments, please use our whistleblowing portal.

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