Innovative technology and networked processes

Highly specialized

We have also optimized our Waelzholz locations in Germany over the past few years in parallel to our ongoing internationalization. Both investments in innovative technology and targeted process networking contribute to the further expansion of our position as global technology leader. Our highly-specialized locations, extremely broad product spectrum and individual application consultation provide our customers with customized steel strip solutions in addition to classic materials.

Headquarters and administrative offices Hagen

Hagen is where everything began. After more than 190 years of company history, this location has a lot to offer. / more 

3.000 MPa (435 ksi) Plettenberg

Our continuous annealing furnaces, specially designed for the production of the high-resilience SORBITEX® and PT steel strip product groups, are a particular feature of our production site in Plettenberg. / more 

Specialization in phosphate-coated steel strip Oberkochen

Surface-coated phosphated steel strip has excellent formability and reduces tool wear. / more 

Fast service and flexible lot sizes Iserlohn

Our service center in Iserlohn provides fast and individual solutions, even for last-minute requests. / more 

Specialization in stainlees steel strip Lüdenscheid

The service center in Lüdenscheid delivers stainless precision steel strip quickly and flexibly, even in small lot sizes. / more