Specialization in SORBITEX® and PT-strip

Unique heat treatment technique

SORBITEX® and PT-strip for springs and flat springs are the gems of the production site in Plettenberg. Our continuous annealing furnaces, developed solely for these two products, sorbitize and bainize the carbon steel. After the final stage of production with our cluster mill, SORBITEX® textured steel strip has a tensile strength of up to 3,000 MPa (435 ksi), making it ideal for continuous exposure to high stress, and our PT-strip boasts a yield/tensile ratio of > 80 percent to combine excellent component strength with bendability. We also produce a wide range of high-quality non-tempered cold rolled steel strip in Plettenberg, including fine blanking grades with low yield/tensile ratios and cementite formation of > 98 percent.