Spring steel with a precisely tailored yield strength

Unparalleled elasticity

Our high-performance spring steels are used in applications requiring parts capable of reliably absorbing and re-exerting force. A good example of such applications are the spring diaphragms found in automobiles or the retractor springs in seat belt systems, which are tempered and re-rolled.

The elasticity of the spring steel plays an important role in the functionality of these dynamically highly loaded parts. It determines how much force the material is able to absorb without being permanently deformed. The yield strength represents the maximum force which the material can absorb and subsequently release while still returning to its original shape.

Perfectly tailored yield strength

Yield strength is an important parameter which we are capable of calibrating to a precise degree thanks to our experience combining chemical composition, cold rolling and heat treatment. When it comes to spring steels, we are able to manufacture various high-performance materials with yield strengths (Rp0.2) of up to 2,800 MPa (406 ksi).

Our products withstand countless millions of loading and unloading cycles over the course of their service lives. In several cases, such as those described above, these parts perform safety-related functions. Get in touch with us to discuss exactly what you need. We will manufacture a customized spring steel to perfectly meet your project requirements.

Spring steels – DIN EN 10132-2021

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