Quality assurance and test technology

Top reliability thanks to tried and tested quality processes

Quality assurance plays a central role at all Waelzholz production sites, and this includes Taicang. Quality assurance starts at the receipt of goods, where samples of the raw materials delivered are tested to ensure that they meet the required specifications. Samples are also collected and tested during the production process and once the final product is available. Furthermore, various parameters are continuously monitored, e.g. with optical sensors, during the production process. For example, strip thickness undergoes contact-free testing during the rolling process using x-ray and isotope ray technology.

For quality assurance at the Taicang production site, Waelzholz uses various inspection methods such as the Brinell, Vickers or Rockwell hardness tests. This way Waelzholz ensures that the delivered materials meet exact customer specifications.

Determining mechanical resistance Hardness testing

Comprehensive material testing Tensile test

Precise deep drawing test procedure Erichsen test

Detailed analysis of complex materials Spectral analysis

Precise definition of microstructure Metallographic testing methods