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The complete Waelzholz grade spectrum

As a full scale cold rolling mill, our production site in Taicang provides its customers with the complete Waelzholz range of cold rolled steel strip grades: easily formable, high-strength, wear-resistant, isotropic or anisotropic, phosphatized, precisely dimensioned, magnetizable etc. Our cold rolled steel strip experts on site provide consultation based on comprehensive Waelzholz know-how, giving customers from the automotive and industrial sectors as well as many other sectors customized solutions for their specific requirements.

The site produces high-quality cold rolled steel strip with a final width of up to 650 millimeters (25.59") with the utmost precision. In the production a four-high stand and a cluster mill are used. The final thickness, which can be up to 10 millimeters (0.394"), undergoes continuous contact-free verification using x-ray and isotope ray technology during the rolling process. The rolling process can be adjusted according to the measured parameters within mere milliseconds. The measurement data is transmitted along with other parameters directly to the control of the rollers, and the rolling process is adjusted continuously. The strips are heat treated at up to 760° C (1,400° F) in the bell annealing furnaces.

Rolling process on 4-high-rolling-mill in Taicang

4-high rolling mill

The modern 4-high rolling mill enables a final thickness of up to 10 millimeters (0.394") at a final width of a maximum 650 millimeters (25.59").

Perfectly tailored dimensions Slitting line

Defined annealing Bell annealing furnaces

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