Product range and production equipment

Complete Waelzholz product range

As a full-fledged cold rolling mill, our Taicang site offers its customers the full range of Waelzholz steel strip qualities – whether easily formable, high-strength, wear-resistant, anisotropic or isotropic, precise, magnetizable, etc. The materials experts on site advise customers from the automotive, industrial, and other sectors on the basis of Waelzholz’s comprehensive expertise to ensure that they receive the perfect solution for their specific requirements.

High-quality steel strip up to a final width of 650 millimeters (25.59 inch) is produced on site precisely to customer specifications using two four-high rolling stands. The final thickness, which can range from 0.5 to 10 millimeters (0.02 to 0.30 inch), is continuously inspected during the rolling process in a contactless manner via X-rays and isotope beams. Within milliseconds, the rolling process is adjusted on the basis of the measured parameters. The captured data, together with other measured parameters, flow online into the control system, which continuously adjusts the rolling process. Installed in 2020, the rolling stand also features automatic flatness control, which allows Waelzholz New Material to produce steel strip with significantly lower residual stresses for its customers.

Between or after the rolling operations, the cold rolled steel strip is heat-treated in bell annealing furnaces at temperatures of up to 760 °C (1,400° F).

The extensive range of production equipment and the resulting flexibility have a positive effect on the quality of the steel materials. Large orders can be manufactured with the same settings without blocking other orders or having to reconfigure the lines. The redundancy and spatial separation of the lines also helps ensure that the company can always produce and deliver reliably.

The Sendzimir mill operated by the subsidiary Taicang Waelzholz – Kern-Liebers New Material Co., Ltd. also secures capacity for the production of textured cold rolled steel strip.

4-high reverse rolling mill at our Taicang plant

4-high rolling mill

The state-of-the-art four-high rolling stands at Waelzholz New Material are capable of producing steel strip with a final thickness of up to ten millimeters (0.30 inch) and with a maximum final width of 650 millimeters (25.59 inch).

Slitting line at our Taicang plant

Perfectly tailored dimensions Slitting line

Defined annealing Bell annealing furnaces

Oscillate wound coils Oscillator