High-performance electrical steel strip with outstanding magnetizability for large magnets used in medical radiation equipment | Steel materials

Waelzholz offers electrical steel strip with the perfect properties for large magnets used in medical radiation equipment. In addition to a high level of magnetic polarization, the bonding varnish coating guarantees that the individual steel plates are joined together efficiently. / more

Fast-bonding varnish: accelerating the electrical steel strip plate stamping and bonding process | Steel materials

The new fast-bonding varnish accelerates the process of bonding electrical steel strip plates into lamination stacks from 1.5 hours to just a few minutes thanks to an extremely fast curing reaction / more

The changing face of drive technology – cold rolled steel strip materials in the future | Industries & applications

Norbert Brachthäuser, responsible for electrical steel strip materials technology at Waelzholz, spoke at the digital Aachen Steel Colloquium in November 2020 on the trends in material requirements for automotive drives. / more

Efficient electric vehicles with thin electrical steel strip grades | Industries & applications

Waelzholz’s extremely thin NO 20 – NO 30 electrical steel strip grades are the ideal material to use in electric motors. / more

Application-oriented implementation of cutting-edge steel materials | Engineering

Dr. Michael Hellmann from Waelzholz’s Materials Technology department gives an insight in the development of steel materials with properties specifically tailored to both the end application and the customer’s manufacturing processes. / more

Electrical steel strip for automotive drives precisely manufactured by Waelzholz | Industries & applications

Johannes Zufacher from Waelzholz’s Electrical Steel Strip Materials Technology department gave a lecture at the 33rd Aachen Steel Colloquium on the production of thin electrical steel strip for use in energy-efficient drive systems. / more

Waelzholz’ expertise in electrical steel strip showcased at the Materials Symposium in Salzgitter | Corporate & markets

Norbert Brachthäuser, responsible for materials technology of electrical steel strip at Waelzholz, among others, gave a talk at the Materials Symposium in Salzgitter about the use and advantages of non-grain-oriented electrical steel strip in electric automotive drive systems. / more

Waelzholz presents Backlack at SWD Technology Day | Corporate & markets

Waelzholz accepted the invitation of its long-time Swiss customer SWD to give a talk on the production of electric motors using Backlack technology. / more

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