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Norbert Brachthäuser gave a talk about the importance of NO grades for automotive drive systems

In November 2018, Waelzholz showcased its expertise at the Materials Symposium in Salzgitter with an exhibition booth and a talk on “Electrical steel strip for automotive drive systems.” The event was organized by Volkswagen AG, Salzgitter AG, and ITS mobility on the subject of “Materials and concepts for vehicles of the future”.

The symposium focused on new and alternative drive concepts such as electric drives and combustion engines powered by natural gas or liquid and also gaseous fuels produced from renewable resources. Numerous talks as well as a subsequent panel discussion did not only offer the attendees new insights and the opportunity to network, but also provided inspiration for possible joint projects. Norbert Brachthäuser, head of materials technology for electrical steel strip at Waelzholz, presented new NO grades for use in electric vehicle drives and the latest advancements in bonding varnish technology. Despite the wide variety of potential scenarios for the development of e-mobility, one thing is certain: the demand for non-grain-oriented electrical steel strip will continue to grow in the future. Non-grain-oriented electrical steel strip is an important performance factor, especially in the motors of electric vehicles, which must withstand high loads. High-quality, thin electrical steel strip significantly reduces eddy current losses at high frequencies, thereby making highly efficient, low-loss electric drive systems possible. In addition, bonding varnish technology​​​​​​​ guarantees undisturbed magnetic flux between the individual steel laminations of a rotor-stator-stack. Brachthäuser ended his talk with a presentation of the process route, from applying and pre-drying the bonding varnish to bonding the components.

Besides the speaker Norbert Brachthäuser, Peter Rademacher and André Reimann from the Materials Technology department at Waelzholz were also among the 100 participants at the Materials Symposium. As a supplier of high-quality steel materials, Waelzholz has many years of experience with electrical steel strip products, and offers thin, particularly low-loss, and high-strength NO grades, among other products. Together with customers and business partners, the company is intensively engaged in the development of bonding varnish technology.