Hard core, soft surface | Steel materials

Open coil annealing with subsequent bainitic hardening and tempering makes it possible to combine a hard material core with a soft, bendable surface. This forms an ideal basis for the production of blades for stamping, cutting, and creasing lines. / more

Efficient fine blanking instead of machining | Steel materials

Machining from a solid blank remains the standard manufacturing process for a number of components today. For products up to 12.5 millimeters (0.492 inch) thick, Waelzholz enables efficient fine blanking with thick cold rolled steel strip grades. / more

Stainless precision steel strip for optical fibers in submarine cables | Steel materials

In order to manufacture robust shielding tubes for optical fibers used in submarine cables, precise welding processes are required for the very thin materials. For this purpose, we offer stainless precision steel strip with the ideal properties. / more

Fast-bonding varnish: accelerating the electrical steel strip plate stamping and bonding process | Steel materials

The new fast-bonding varnish accelerates the process of bonding electrical steel strip plates into lamination stacks from 1.5 hours to just a few minutes thanks to an extremely fast curing reaction / more

Bonderized steel strip: the multitalented steel material with a zinc phosphate coating | Steel materials

Waelzholz's steel strip with zinc phosphate coating enables complex, multistage forming processes of solid materials and a wide range of surface finishes. / more

A union of opposites | Steel materials

Waelzholz’s PT-strip and RAWAEL® materials stand out for their combination of high tensile strength and excellent formability. / more

The variety of Waelzholz high-strength materials | Steel materials

Waelzholz materials from the “high-strength” category offer tremendous potential for various applications thanks to their wide-ranging properties. / more

SORBITEX®: Our spring steel strip with great potential | Steel materials

In this interview, materials technology expert Dr. Michael Hellmann reports on the production, properties, and potential of Waelzholz’s special material SORBITEX®. / more

Quality assurance for flat wire and profiles | Steel materials

In this interview, Matthias Schmitt from materials technology explains the in-house testing and measuring methods that Waelzholz uses to assure the quality of its flat wire products and profiles during the production process. / more

Expertise in the production of flat wire and profiles | Steel materials

In this interview, sales expert Daniel Kemper explains how Waelzholz produces customized flat wire products and profiles with a wide range of grades and innovative ideas. / more

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