When precision and resilience are in demand

Stainless precision steel strip

Be it resistance to corrosion, acids, or heat: Our precision steel strip made of stainless steels offers maximum performance. Especially when high requirements are placed on the formability and usage properties.

Our stainless precision steel strip has proven itself successful for decades even in demanding areas of application such as medical technology, safety-related components in the automotive industry, and electrical engineering.

The main alloys chrome and nickel, in combination with molybdenum, niobium or titanium additives enable the high-precision calibration of further technological properties in addition to corrosion resistance such as deep drawability, bendability, or punchability as well as tailored spring properties.

By means of a special heat treatment, we generate homogenous microstructures regardless of the grade (ferritic, austenitic, and martensitic) needed. This ensures excellent further processing properties and exact reproducibility, even for the production of complex components.

If required, we are able to machine the slit edges of the steel strip to increase the stress cycles and service life of spring elements.

As an additional feature, we offer various surface conditions such as a high-glossy or matte finish, for example, or depending on the intended use, a one-sided roughened or patterned finish.


Current alloy surcharges available for download

Here, you can download the current as well as past alloy surcharges per ton as a PDF-file.

Alloy surcharges as PDF-file

Range of grades of stainless precision steel strip

Representation of the range of grades based on important parameters like elongation and tensile strength.

Mechanical properties

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