Steel strip for bi-metal hole saws and band saws | Industries & applications

When it comes to manufacturing bi-metal saws, our backing strip combines a wide range of properties with high repeat accuracy: excellent weldability, perfect straightness, precise edges, and high tensile strength combined with ductility. / more

High-performance electrical steel strip with outstanding magnetizability for large magnets used in medical radiation equipment | Industries & applications

Waelzholz offers electrical steel strip with the perfect properties for large magnets used in medical radiation equipment. In addition to a high level of magnetic polarization, the bonding varnish coating guarantees that the individual steel plates are joined together efficiently. / more

Stainless precision steel strip with outstanding welding and forming properties for the manufacture of medical cannulas | Industries & applications

Waelzholz’s stainless precision steel strip is ideally suited for manufacturing high-quality medical cannulas. This is because it combines exact flatness with extremely uniform cutting edges, thereby enabling an optimum welding process. / more

Materials for high-performance bipolar plates in fuel cells | Industries & applications

Thanks to its exceptional stability and formability, stainless precision steel strip from Waelzholz is ideally suited for the production of fuel cells for automotive applications. / more

Precision material: Steel strip for saw blades | Industries & applications

Waelzholz Brasmetal manufactures martensitically hardened and tempered steel strip for demanding industrial sawing applications, such as saw blades for wood band and stone gang saws. / more

The changing face of drive technology – cold rolled steel strip materials in the future | Industries & applications

Norbert Brachthäuser, responsible for electrical steel strip materials technology at Waelzholz, spoke at the digital Aachen Steel Colloquium in November 2020 on the trends in material requirements for automotive drives. / more

Efficient electric vehicles with thin electrical steel strip grades | Industries & applications

Waelzholz’s extremely thin NO 20 – NO 30 electrical steel strip grades are the ideal material to use in electric motors. / more

Electrical steel strip for automotive drives precisely manufactured by Waelzholz | Industries & applications

Johannes Zufacher from Waelzholz’s Electrical Steel Strip Materials Technology department gave a lecture at the 33rd Aachen Steel Colloquium on the production of thin electrical steel strip for use in energy-efficient drive systems. / more

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